What’s the Big Beef?

I read an article that brought smile to my face and it goes like this.

A lot of things can hit your windshield while driving, but one woman really had a cow when she saw what had struck her windshield- and it was cow.

Apparently, this cow fell and landed on the hood of her car.  The cow’s fatal fall occurred after it had strayed from a hillside onto the flat roof of a tunnel.  It then lost its hoofing and plummeted just as the car emerged from the tunnel. 

Because of that incident, the woman’s car quickly went from cloth seats to all leather upholstery.


cow looking in windowI somehow can relate to the story when it  comes to our business experienced because we really don’t know what is gonna hit us while paving our way to success.

 One thing I know for sure…. the stress and emotional pain I can at least say it was heavy (like the cow) in the story. 

There are so many online marketers out there and if you are not careful you can be the cow that went strayed because you can get distracted by so many products online. 

As you may know people can go broke buying everything they think will help them with quick success. However, there is no such thing as quick success.

While you are still sitting on a clothes fabric continue working your way up so that someday you can replace all your furniture into leather.

Until then… you should find out how to boot your traffic conversion

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