Wrong Person for the Job

So, you have no time to write a content for your online business blog and decided to hire someone.

You place an Ad, interview candidates which lead to another interview and then bammm… you hired Johnny on the spot (lol).

His or her first day is great.

Second day…awesome.

Third day…slacking to slow motion.

Fourth day…everything is wishy washy.

You reviewed the resume making sure you got the right fit and only to find out “You hire the wrong person for the Job”.

Hiring the wrong person for the job

Suddenly you feel the Fear that rushing through your vain.

After a week of feeling agitated you finally fired your new hire and that is where fear finally sets in because you are going out town and have no time to write an article.

But, what for a moment here.

How about writing about F E A R S of people have in your market.

How about what are some of your biggest FEARS.

Maybe you could share some of your stories of how you overcome some of your nerve shaking fears.

Therefore you pick up a paper and a pen or perhaps type them on your computer.

Voila! in thirty minutes you are done and you just got yourself an article writing ideas.

Congratulation because you just accomplish something which tells me this is the end of my blog for today.

Wait for my next blog tomorrow.



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