How to Conquer Procrastination Working From Home And Win


Tempting isn’t it


but are you putting off what needs to be done ?


Everybody wants to be more productive, but there’s one major roadblock that seems to get in the way:  procrastination . It’s stressful, discouraging, frustrating, and all too common. But this threat to our daily productivity is entirely  fixable . A recent New York Times  article  explored how procrastination isn’t about managing your time more effectively — it actually boils down to regulating your  emotions  about a task.

“Our brains are always looking for relative rewards,”  Judson Brewer , Ph.D., M.D., a psychiatrist, neuroscientist and director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center, told the publication. “If we have a habit loop around procrastination but we haven’t found a better reward, our brain is just going to keep doing it over and over until we give it something better to do.” He then explained that you have to supply your brain with a “bigger, better offer” in order to change a habit.

We asked Thrive Global community members about their most effective strategies to beat procrastination. Here are some that you may want to use as one of your own:

The above is from an excellent article in Thrive Global written by Marina Khidekel. 

Marina is Editorial Director at Thrive Global, you can read the full article here.


The challenge of Procrastination has plagued me all of my life,

I became an expert at finding reasons why I should be doing something else and not what needed to be done.

You see when we work a home based business there are so many distractions.

They will take our mind away from what we know needs to be done if we are not careful.

Even when at the computer, building our Online business,

We check emails constantly, often ending up just browsing the net.

Strength of mind is needed to keep on track toward our goals when working from home.


However, I have found some things that help me to stay focused,

Allowing me to  just get it done.

These are not new to you, nor were they to me, however once I started using them things changed for me.

Well defined goals is the first one,

I thought I had this covered, I just wanted to earn a certain amount each month.

My studying of procrastination showed me that i didn’t, the goal had to be much more defined.

How many sales do i need to earn that amount each month.

How many people do I need to see my product, to attain that many sales.

How many is that per week,

Then the important one how many sales per day

Ah now I have a daily goal

 If I don’t keep that number up,  I have no chance of reaching my monthly goal.


So what will make it easier to make sure i keep this daily goal. REASONS

Why do I want that monthly goal ? What is my reason, My Why.

Reasons are extremely powerful.

The great Jim Rohn says.

“When you have enough reasons, you can do the most incredible things.”

Those reasons make it much easier to want to attain that daily goal.


Writing down my to do list before sleep every night.

Many times i would wake up in the morning and think what am i going to do today.

 The most pleasant things to do would come straight to mind.

Not my goals, OH NO but the things i enjoy doing Golf, Fishing, you name it.

What I started to do is write down the things that needed to be done.

Making sure that I did that before going to sleep at night.

This works for me, and I believe it will work for You

providing your reasons are strong enough.

Also as Napoleon Hill  Says in his book “Think and Grow Rich”

Having an accountability partner makes it easier. then each one can be accountable to the other.

Why don’t we do that and reach our business and financial goals together.

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