25 Absolutely Amazing Podcasts For Business

What do you listen to

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There is a university available to you 


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Listening to podcasts is one of the few examples of effective multi-tasking.

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing digital formats with a strong penetration among a variety of age demographics. Perhaps one of the most notable uses for podcasts among individuals, is as a tool for learning, with the business genre being included as one of the top five most popular genres in the industry. Podcasting makes learning simple and convenient; which makes it particularly appealing to the on-the-go entrepreneur.

There are thousands of podcasts available to the individual looking to gain increased insight into how they can establish, grow and successfully run their business. Many offer expert advice offered up by successful entrepreneurs themselves and often feature interviews by notable industry influencers. Each has their own particular unique style.

The above is part of a great article by Murray Newlands you can read it here

Murray is a VIP contributor with Entrepreneur 

He is also an entrepreneur, business advisor and online-marketing professional.



I must admit that listening to podcasts is fairly new to me, though it has become both enjoyable and a great learning tool.

A mentor taught me many years ago to use the car as a university while driving.

This was in the days of cassette tapes, showing my age huh.

When I then progressed to CDs it became a habit to pop one in and listen to some self-help or business ideas.

Now we come to podcasts and they are fabulous, 

Many ideas can be picked up easily because one can listen while doing the most menial tasks.

I like to listen while driving.

The list that Murray has put together in this article, 25 of them covers many Business topics

You will most certainly get some great ideas on making your home business a success.

Leave a comment to let me know your favourite ones.

Wishing you good listening. 


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