Bad Habits Will Hurt Your Online Business

Is your online business at a standstill ?

Is it due to your bad habits ?

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When we realize the life we have isn’t the one we had envisioned, what do we do? Or better yet, what should we do
First, we must start by evaluating  old thought patterns  and habits, and then continue the journey by asking hard questions.
Questions address core issues and guide us. That help  tackle old habits  while opening space for new ones to blossom.

Consider a few suggestions to help you rekindle a relationship with yourself,  your own version of happiness  and  a life full of significance 

The above is part of an excellent article by author Jacklyn Janeksela 


I know from my own experience that bad habits are hard to break.

In business we know that consistency and persistence are a major key to our success.

However the habit of putting things off,  THE DREADED PROCRASTINATION

Is a major bad habit in our business and in life


Jacklyn Janeksela asks the question.

Can I take small steps today that lead to a better tomorrow?

To avoid jumping in over your head, start small. Small manageable, meaningful actions  affect change . Build habits that come from small changes over a long period of time. The key to success here is consistency. Show up for yourself today and these new habits will lead to larger changes later on. Daily changes reinforce positive attitudes and energies. Don’t go this step alone. Ask your loved ones to join you and make accountability partners. Let your momentum provoke others into creating better habits.


This is excellent advice, and reminds me of Jeff Olson’s book “The Slight Edge” .

Jeff maintains the same advice in his book which I encourage you to read.

The fact is that it is little steps taken consistently that eventually win the day.

Show up every day and work on your goals a little at a time and it will change your life.

Also as said above have an accountability partner this is sound advice.


In her article Jacklyn Janeksela says,

It is easier to give excuses than to take the appropriate steps toward better habits.

This is so true, 

The sad truth is that excuses won’t pay your bills.

I recall reading, George Washington Carver said

“99% of all failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses”.

This was a major challenge for me when I started online marketing 

Every excuse in the book came from my lips, I still have not got passed this

But I have got better at  just doing it.

First thing in the morning a short work out, then reading and I mean reading about your business or your life not novels.

Then breakfast, then into first task that was written down last night before sleep.

Yes that is another good habit to get into.

Take small breaks between tasks, reward yourself when one is completed 

I suggest you read Jacklyn Janeksela’s article now it is excellent, read it  here


Bottom line just do it 

You want success in your business don’t you ? and all that success brings. 

Talking of success.

Your online business, if worked consistently, will bring financial success and freedom 

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