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Read what Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill.

Andrew Carnegie Spoke with  Napoleon  Hill, when Mr Hill  was feeling inadequate to a task.

He said that every one born to this life is given a very special gift.

A gift that allows us the privilege of choosing to control our minds and thoughts.

 Or to choose not to.

He told Mr Hill, there are two envelopes.

One contains the list of benefits for choosing to use the gift and to control our minds and thoughts.

The other envelope contains the  list for choosing not to control our minds and thoughts     

This is the list should we choose to control our mind and thoughts

Sound health, Peace of mind,  A labour of love of your own choice, Freedom from fear and worry, A positive mental attitude and Material riches of your own choice and Quantity

Then said Andrew this is the list should we chose to not control our mind and thoughts

Bad health, Fear and worry, Indecision and doubt, Frustration and discouragement throughout life, Poverty and want And a whole flock of evils jealousy anger hatred and superstition.


Andrew certainly spoke the truth, didn’t he.

And the fact that such feelings of inadequacy, came over a man like Napoleon Hill.

This just shows we all have the potential to feel this way at times.

The problem is, when we dwell on feelings of inadequacy, and let the negative feelings control our thinking.

How often have we spoken about mindset, the importance of our thinking.

Not only to our day to day activities, but also to our relationships, and our success in business

If we don’t change our stinking thinking we will never reach our full potential.

Talking of positive thinking       

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