You want More Sales! Sell The Sizzle Not The Sausage

So you’re a sales person, with an amazing product

lots of great features.


Then why are you scratching for sales




 Because features are not what your customer buys

It’s the Benefits they buy

 The old what’s in it for me


Although you can, and at some stage should, show the features of your product.

It is vital that you show your audience what those features will do for them.

They need to see and understand that your product will solve their problem

And they need to see that quickly 

Otherwise they are most likely to move on and you have lost them


Keep in mind that a feature is something your product has, 

Benefits are what that feature will do for the purchaser when used.


A good way to get the benefits into your head is to write down the features 

Then ask yourself questions like these.

Ok it has that feature,  so what

Ok so that’s a great feature,  but what will it do for me.

This way you can get to the benefits easily and know what to sell.

Always keep in mind that they are concerned about themselves.

This means if you can’t solve their problem then they are just not interested 

We used to call it selling the sizzle not the Sausage

Remember your customers are all tuned into Radio wiifm

What’s in it for me, what’s in it for me, what’s in it for me.

Knowing this makes it easy for you as a sales person

Once you know what’s hurting them, what their problem is,

You can show how the features of your product can solve their hurt / problem 

Always look at the product as a solution to a problem 

Not just a bundle of features, no matter how great those features may be.

Then we need to be able to explain that to our buyers in a language they understand 

When you focus on benefits rather than features you are more likely to turn a prospect into a buyer which means more $$$ for you.

So we need to sell  benefits not features

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