Your Success Online Needs This (one powerful ingredient)

Discovering  Your Reason

Your Why

Is Paramount To Your Success In Online Marketing



So how does this work?

You have to find a strong enough reason why you want something. What’s going to propel you to wake up early every day and approach your goals with the same gusto months and years from now as you do today? It’s not just about inspiration or motivation in the here-and-now. You have to make it last. To do that you have to find a strong enough reason why you must succeed. I’m talking about something that’s more important than the air that you breathe.

The above is part of an excellent article written by Wanderlust Worker.

It is well worth the time to read the full article HERE



Here are some of my thoughts on this subject.

If you don’t have enough reasons, or one powerful enough reason to reach the goal you have set, then it is unlikely you will reach that goal.

Some people call it Your why, some your goal, it doesn’t matter it’s the same thing.

What does matter is that it is so engrained in your mind that you will do whatever it takes to get there.

We are not talking of anything dishonest or immoral, but rather that you keep getting up each time it doesn’t work out.

We all have those moments when we feel like we have failed,

The important thing is  will you get up and try again

It will take consistent effort to build an online business,

You will think of giving up, you will try things that don’t work.

You will get frustrated, yes you will go through all these things.

The question is will they stop you.

Or will you keep going, try another way, do something different.

The late Jim Rohn who’s wisdom I Still listen to put it like this.

How long would you give your baby to learn to walk, he/she takes a few steps and falls again, how long will you persevere.

The answer of course is UNTIL THE BABY WALKS, no wonder most people walk.

It has to be that same perseverance that you give to your home business.

How long will you keep getting up and going again 


With that sort of attitude you are already in front of most people trying to reach their goals.

One of the ways to help with this is having a mentor, or a friend that you can both hold each other to account. A responsibility partner.

We could do that.

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