“Trick Question: Can Your Website Do This?”…

A customer visits your site, and says, I got to order THIS!”…
“I’ll Make sure When I  Get Paid To Go Online Here!”….
And that person never did come back…

“Sound Familiar?”…

And yet so many so-called websites are built like brochures…
like printed catalogs online…. Am I right?

You see what you like, Pick the product, CLICK Buy…
And you’re done…BUT

What about those that DIDN’T Buy?
And the Ones that Did BUY?…

Let’s Continue…
Sure, the front of the site got all the categories shoppers can

choose from! The 2nd page of the website shows the content
and written descriptions of the product or item they chose….

WOW! Looks awesome enough as it shows all the features
and benefits of why the person should chose this product

above and beyond any other ones out there! And they want to
buy ( but they’ll come back when they get paid)….

But First, Let’s see some Testimonials….
A page full of great testimonials and product

videos of people using the item as its promises
to deliver are shown! Plain As Day!….

This will get them really wanting this product
or service… BUT, the person has to come back

when they get paid! The person can’t buy now
and leaves to come back later…

Guess What? Although the person wanted to
come back, they never did! ….Why?…

Good question….

Either the person (times how many do this) got
bogged down with bills to pay mind to come back…

He/She got distracted and totally forgot about what they
needed as other important vents took over their mind …

And your Website Visitor totally forgot your site…
The person remembers the product…

Types in a few keywords… BOOM!….
They see what they want (the product or
service) and your site wasn’t the one
they chose….

and bought anyway!….

Does this happen? Often? Even though
you try to compete with SEO (search

engine keywords, etc)! When what if
you could have captured them on your

list so you could communicate with that
same person, “Hey (firstname)…

“I see you visited my
site on such & such day at such
& such time….

Just wanted to welcome you with a special
I’m doing for first time customers…. and..

a free gift (whatever you can give them to
bring them back into your store and only
you can give them this, that, or the…

other thing”….

And a friendly reminder of what’s coming
that’s related to heir purchase….

Your Signature,
Company logo, business…


See you there”….


“Can You Website Do This?”….

1. Picks your best product that grabs
your person that visits your site
and has them begging you to

2. takes their information to
get your personal gift or
whatever you have for them
visiting your site…

3. Tracks their every move so
you can service them the best
on a personal level…

4. Helps them make a wise decision
on their purchase and how to keep
updated with future upgrades and

so much more….

Plus An Added BONUS!…

5. Advertises for you with multiple
other companies similar to yours
with CO-OP Advertising on the same

exact keywords with high activity
and low competition!….

There is now a software
that can turn your website
into a direct responsive buying
website that can help you
convert your site into a

buyer’s market plus capture
all your customers onto your

list (privately so you can
contact them with how

they are doing and keep
them updated with what you
can do for them…


Adding Their Site to this “Special Software”

This is How I would Approach
The New Skills you now have access to,

Or if someone wants access to your
goldmine to do the same as you with

all the free training that’s available as
a member…. Share this with them…

This way you can grow as a team…

Want to market your new business,
and get business owners NOW?…

I told the manager of H&R Block what
I’m doing (the woman that doe my taxes

who knows me well!…

When said everything I could do
and gave Sample of how it would be done…

She told me to get business cards ready!
Get them to her asap!…

She knows 24 business people wanting
this type of info now.  They have asked

her if she knew anyone
that helps businesses get
them online…

If you want to add this post, re edit it,
you are more than welcome too…

If you’re new here you can…


For as long as I have done mail order, and have been online for years with tons of advertising and marketing, I realized that the value of what you do for others in really helping them build your relationship first, guide them along the way in complete honesty what you know, and what you can do to help them succeed.. Don't beat around the bush, trying to sell them goods to make a fast buck. They can see right through you!... Asking questions about their true purpose and if you can be the main guy/girl to help that person out to get what they want!.. It's NOT what you can do to get a bunch of sales, But what You can do to help them get sales,of course, but long term, help grow their business to unlimited potential that'll make them overjoyed as you become their major 'go -to' person!.... When do you want to Chat and Get Acquainted?.... Moneymike DeLuca moneymikedeluca@gmail.com phone +1(857)318-5919 My Sizzle Call 800 863 8612
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