What’s the Best Email Marketing System?

Your Best Email Marketing System is Your Own!

The leads you generate, are the best leads you can possibly get!

Here’s why>  You are not paying for any leads because your lead capture page or squeeze page is collecting leads for you through your marketing system.

You do not need to buy leads from a lead broker.
As long as you are marketing your website you will get some leads.)

The person that joined your list is hungry for more information from you!

If your prospect is receiving your email campaign but decides not to join your affiliate program, you are still able to promote other products and services to them.

Don’t push sales too much or you will loose your subscribers.

Just provide good helpful content that is relevant to the reason they subscribed to your email campaign in the first place.

Another reason you need  your own marketing system relates to your affiliate links.

You should never promote affiliate links outside of your marketing system.

If someone sees your affiliate page and they join you,
that person is subscribed to the owner of the sites’ email
campaign, not your email campaign.

Now you’ll need to convince that person to join your list too.

You need to have your prospect Join Your List First!

Promote all your affiliate links inside your email marketing system (Auto responder) to the like minded people that subscribed to you through your web form.

What happens if the owner decides to shut down?  Now you’re left with no business to promote and no leads of your own to promote anything too!

You need to be 100% in control of all your marketing!
……..Starting from picking the best domain name, your marketing and promotion, automated email campaign, and other duties.

If anything ever happens to any of the programs you’re
promoting, you will always have the contact information of
your subscribers
whether they joined you in your business or not!

There are plenty of marketing systems floating around the
internet.  Yours is the best!

If you are promoting the same looking affiliate site as hundreds or thousands of other people are, you will have no advantage over anybody else, and your income will be running on random luck!


Is that how you want to run your online business?

I would say not!

You don’t need a pre-built cookie cutter system, you need your system, your brand, your input, your products and services, and your own personal touch!

Global NPN will allow you do do all of the above and more, plus compensate you very nicely for providing these auto responder services to other like minded online entrepreneurs!
Talk to you soon!

Mark Austin

Family man in Barrie Ontario, loving cooking and Rock n roll. Play bass and fool around on guitar and playing some of my favorite tunes. Like to watch the hockey game. TML Love this GlobalNPN business system. I'm building a list of leads for my business using Geoff's GlobalNPN Online Business System and promoting this easy way to make money online! The E-certificates are an excellent way to build your business quickly! Also building a team for our primary business. Ask me for details on where you can attend a local business presentation in your area.
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