Getting your email list started.

Setting up your mailing list can be a swirl of confusion, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Before you begin, lets cover some basics.  Ask yourself, what are you in this for? 

Do you have an existing business that you want to expand, share something you are passionate about, or do you want to do this because you just want to make more money?

Whatever your reason is, do it with passion and commitment!

If you are going to create and maintain email lists, there are some things you need in order to get the job done.

First of all, email lists require a financial commitment.   This is a low cost operation that can put you in a profit situation. 

In order to create and develop your list you will need two things.  A dot com with hosting and an auto responder.  In other words, your own website and your auto responder.

Your auto responder lets you put a form on your website so that people can enter their email address and name into it. 

You will receive an email telling you that you got a new lead.  Your new lead will receive an email from your auto responder to confirm their subscription. 

After this point your new lead / prospect will receive an automated email letter sent by your automated marketing system. 

These emails can be set up in a pre-determined time frequency set by you.

You Need A product or service.
Does the product or service that you are promoting require you pay a monthly fee or are you promoting affiliate products for one time commissions? 

The GlobalNPN auto responder I use is not just a service, it’s also one of the services I promote!

You can develop a really decent income just by promoting this low cost auto responder service to like mined people. 

Set up your own emails or use the GlobalNPN system to send out emails to your prospects through your included blog.

 I also provide other services that compliment each other.

My main service is communicating to you the simplicity of how you can generate income on a shoe string budget using a low cost Online Business System, like GlobalNPN!

This allows you to build a list and promote the same auto responder services to your subscribers.

I am a communications provider, from email marketing information and systems, to phone and internet, mobile phones, and other services.

As long as you’ve got a service people want, need, and use everyday, you’ve got a market for it.  — (I use my auto responder, phone, and Internet everyday, like anyone else that has an online business.)  Easy with GlobalNPN!

Fact: Even if you don’t use the services, you can still earn money by being a subscriber to GlobalNPN and promoting one of the many links they provide you.

Simply purchase a domain name and forward it to any link you like!   —Then promote your website name and show people how they too can use this low cost system to finally make some decent cash online!

Your website will show your affiliate page with your dotcom in the address bar.

A true story from the Klondike gold rush ( my condensed version) – There were so many prospectors seeking gold, but most people never found their fortunes.

But the people who did make it were not the miners, they were the people who supplied all the tools and hardware to the miners, opened shops and fed them, sold them liqueur, and whatever else a town of eager miners could want and need.

So, in my humble opinion, I think that providing services to people are tops. People need all kinds of services.

Telephone, Internet, TV, Auto responders, websites, web hosting banking, pool and lawn care, daycare, garbage disposal. The list is endless!  We rely on services everyday.

Humans thrive on services.

When people have tough financial decisions to make, cutting services is last on their list of things to trim.  They will cut out the auto ship vitamins or scented candles before the phone or internet. 

Maybe even take less channels on tv, but no one will ever say “Honey, I’m keeping the auto ship vitamins, we can do without electricity or phone this month.”

Research your market.  Use Google and Yahoo and type in what you are promoting but not by its name.  Search for similar things that you are doing and take note of what comes up at the top of the search engines.

Using a well chosen Domain and doing the market research like you saw in the video will help you get the best name for your site.

The key is to get a domain name that is an actual keyword that people have typed into the search engines.

Once you have a good domain name that is available, you an either forward it directly to your GlobalNPN blog or get a hosting account to set up a form on your own website.  Forwarding your domain name directly to your blog is directly is the fasted way to get your online marketing system set up

Auto responder Service.  There’s lots of auto responder services.  Most of them include a re-seller plan for residual commissions. 

Some auto responders give out one time commissions while others are re-occurring.  I personally like re-occurring monthly commissions so I go with GlobalNPN.

The suite of marketing tools that the owner provides is professional and includes many tools that us marketers need.

Whats even more incredible is the amount of income you can create just by promoting this one service.

When people use GlobalNPN recommended by me they get their re-seller link included in my entire marketing campaign!

Mark Austin

Family man in Barrie Ontario, loving cooking and Rock n roll. Play bass and fool around on guitar and playing some of my favorite tunes. Like to watch the hockey game. TML Love this GlobalNPN business system. I'm building a list of leads for my business using Geoff's GlobalNPN Online Business System and promoting this easy way to make money online! The E-certificates are an excellent way to build your business quickly! Also building a team for our primary business. Ask me for details on where you can attend a local business presentation in your area.
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