Contact List Marketing System

This is the link to the contact list marketing system I use for all my websites! – Just enter your name into the form.

Not only does it allow you to build contact lists through your website/s, it also give you the ability to earn commission through referrals when others use this business contact system.

—- Simply refer a few people to use this for their existing business, or promote this as a stand alone online business providing top notch web marketing tools.    If you don’t have an online business but want one, this is the perfect place to start as it provides you with the right tools to start with.

Simply get a domain name and forward it to your new online business link and there you go.

If you want to take it further, get your own website through GDI (Global Domains International)

Go to my website to see how the online email form integrates with the website.  (It’s actually a WordPress Theme!)

Basic service includes the ability to create your contact list and put email forms on your websites so that you can follow up with your prospect through pre-written messages or broadcast emails.

Excellent way to inform your prospects of a sale coming up, special promotion or event you might be holding, updates on the home business, and team updates as well.

Mark Austin

Family man in Barrie Ontario, loving cooking and Rock n roll. Play bass and fool around on guitar and playing some of my favorite tunes. Like to watch the hockey game. TML Love this GlobalNPN business system. I'm building a list of leads for my business using Geoff's GlobalNPN Online Business System and promoting this easy way to make money online! The E-certificates are an excellent way to build your business quickly! Also building a team for our primary business. Ask me for details on where you can attend a local business presentation in your area.
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