Internet Marketing – What Are the Best Types of Opt-in Offers for your Sales Funnel?

So you want to know what Are the Best Types of Opt-in Offers for your Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel

The opt-in offer is the entry-point of your sales funnel. This is a free product or service that entices the visitors to your site to sign up for your mailing list. Most people are reluctant to give away their name and email address for nothing more than the promise of quality content. Your opt-in offer is an incentive for doing so.

When considering what type of product to offer as an opt-in incentive, you have several options.

EBooks and Reports

EBooks and reports are some of the easiest products for you to create. An eBook is a PDF that can be viewed on any computer. A report is a short eBook that can be as few as seven to ten pages, as long as it helps the reader solve a specific problem. Aside from reports and eBooks, your PDF could be a resource guide, a mind map, a detailed info-graphic, or some other format that organizes information and/or makes it easier for people to digest.

Training Courses

Online training courses (or eCourses) are segmented courses that come with educational aids such as worksheets, note-taking sheets, chapter summaries, and so on. An eCourse guides the reader, step by step, through the process of solving a problem. An eCourse can be presented in PDF format or by using a series of emails, videos, or audios. You can offer it online, by download, via your blog, or as installments sent via email.

Apps and Free Software

Software programs also make excellent opt-in offers, especially because of their high perceived value. With the rise of mobile devices, mobile apps have become increasingly popular. These are small software programs that help users do something through the use of their mobile devices (usually smartphones). The great thing about this software is that people will use it often, which keeps you continually on their radar.

Free Trials

Free trials are offers that let prospects try out your service for a limited time. Without giving away your full product, people get a true taste of the value you offer. A free trial could be a limited-time membership to a paid website, a limited-time use of your service, or a free trial of a software program.

The Elements of an Excellent Opt-in Offer

People love free stuff! However, if their interest is to continue, even a free product offer must deliver results. It has to be irresistible to your target market and solve an urgent problem for them. Your offer needs to be something unique that people won’t find at the same quality and value anywhere else. This is especially important considering your competitors are trying to target the same traffic that you are.

It can also help your cause if your opt-in incentive is a limited-time offer, because this adds urgency to the deal. The customer is afraid that if they wait too long, they may lose the chance to take advantage of the offer.

Finally, since your offer is the main thing that draws in your customers, it needs to be visible everywhere possible. Create a landing page for your offer and also put it on the sidebar of your blog and any other relevant sites. If it’s just what your readers are looking for, they will become subscribers.


Brainstorm different opt-in offers for the start of your sales funnel and identify the one you will use. Use the Opt-In and Product Offers Brainstorming Worksheet to take notes.

  • What specific needs does your market have?
  • Which one can you solve that is directly related to the products or services of your business?
  • What format makes the most sense for fulfilling the need you identified?
  • How will you create your offer? You can create your opt-in offer from scratch, get a ghostwriter or developer to do it for you, or even use PLR as your base.

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