Internet Network Marketing – How Important are Autoresponders to Network Marketing?

Today we talk about the importance of using Autoresponders as a Network Marketer

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Internet Marketing andautoresponders essentially  go hand-in-hand, but what about Network Marketing?

Many Network Marketing companies today still teach methods which worked 20 years ago and haven’t really adapted to the internet age. Of course it is important to start with a list of family and friends and write down a nameslist, but in today’s online business world, you simply cannot succeed at Network marketing without the use of autoresponders and Internet Network Marketing. Autoresponders are used to achieve many of the marketing tasks that are essential to a successful online business. Traditional Network Marketing can be very time consuming.

In a traditional Network Marketing approach you are taught to basically approach everyone you know, invite them to a presentation (online or offline) and follow up with them often with the help of your sponsor in a 3 way call. Basically, you are forcefully approaching people who are not really interested in the products or services you have to offer. This approach of marketing business causes resistance right off the bat and leaves network marketers disappointed, causing over 90 percent failure.

So if you have lots of prospects you will be on the phone all day long! Sure this method works, but is that really the way you want to build your business long term?

I was taught these strategies and yes i had a little success with them, but at some point in my business i just asked myself: “Do i really want to chase people and be on the phone all day?” My answer was a clear “NO”, so i started to looking for ways to automate the whole process and came across a concept called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing is one of the best ways of doing business whether it be a network marketing business or a traditional business. The attraction marketing enables you to attract target customers to you, by leveraging the power of the internet via social networking sites, rather than chasing after them.

An autoresponder is a big part of your marketing arsenal. Autoresponders are used to keep in contact with your prospects and to develop a relationship with potential customers.

An autoresponder can be used to deliver sales messages to your opt-in customer list. It can be used to deliver email courses, to send reminders, and even to help you build an opt-in list if you don’t already have one. There are many creative ways you can use your autoresponder to make more sales and to build customer relations in your Network Marketing business.

Any successful Internet Network marketer will tell you that there are two tools that are vital to any type of online marketing – an opt-in list and an autoresponder. In fact, most marketers will agree that you could take away all of their other marketing tools, but they would fight to the death to keep the list and the autoresponder! Click the banner below to learn how to build your Network Marketing company through Attraction Marketing.



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