Network Marketing – Never ever Stop Learning

Network Marketing – Never ever Stop Learning

by  | on April 5, 2013

Today we talk about the importance of learning in Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Most people who start inNetwork Marketing have no previous business experience and begin with little selling and no effective communication skills. People who are successful inNetwork Marketing have acquired a certain skill set during their career.

I believe that every skill to be successful in Network Marketing can be learned.

Success is not a lottery. Although there will always be winners and losers, we can control which group we fall into by our willingness to learn and apply the skills.

Network Marketing a dynamic industry, and every change can be turned into a business advantage. New products will lead you to new customers and new customers will lead you to new recruits. New trends will open up new opportunities.

If you fall into the habit of doing things the same way, over and over, you will miss out on all the advances that drive this business forward. Albert Einstein said: Doing the same things over and over, and expecting a different result, is crazy.

Opening yourself up to new ideas and information will keep your business fresh and exciting and keep you on fast track to personal growth.

Although training is no substitute for learning on the job, there is no better investment you can make than in yourself. Self-education is key.

Network marketing is a business where you can earn while you learn, thus you should attend every training session offered to you, and register for company seminars and conferences. Especially at seminars and conferences you will learn new ideas and one new idea might produce much better results and propel you forward. Do not make the mistake to count training hours as work hours. Whatever your schedule, never neglect your customers, prospects, and recruits.

I peronally ready many books,  attend every seminar which interests me, and listen to daily audios to stay focused. Learning from others who have achieved the results you desire will motivate and uplift you. Hearing top achievers sharing the challenges they faced helped me put my own experiences into perspective.

One thing i believe in in is the more you learn, the more resources you will have to draw on. One year’s experience repeated five times over is not five years’ experience. If you do the same thing five years in a row, you may have wasted four of those years. Building on your skills and knowledge through trial and error will equip you to deal with the inevitable challenges and changes in the economy, and the changing needs of your customers and distributors.

Seize every opportunity to associate with talented, like- minded people. Their expertise and outlook will rub off on you, just as yours will on them. Don’t waste time with negative or unmotivated people who will drag you down. Thats why you should attend your mlm corporate events as you will meet all the top leaders in your company who will pull for you.

No matter how successful or busy you become, don’t neglect the key person in your business: yourself. Set aside a small percentage of your earnings, and a small amount of your time each day, for education and personal development.

Never Stop Learning in Network Marketing

The day you stop learning, you stop growing. The day you stop growing, your business will start to stagnate.

To your success

Dennis Koray
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Dennis Koray

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