Should you buy Traffic for your Website?

Today we talk about if it’s a good idea to buy traffic for your website.

buy traffic for your website


The industry is split on whether or not it would be wise for online marketers to buy traffic for your website. Website traffic is something that you can’t do without if you want a thriving online business that is sustainable for many years. In a sense, you are buying website traffic when you invest in processes and activities that increase the number of visitors that you get on your website. Looking at the issue from this point of view indicates that buying website traffic indeed makes sense. What would raise questions in terms of credibility and reliability would be buying website traffic from third party companies that promises traffic but does not guarantee quality. You can actually jeopardize your online business when the increase of unchecked website traffic creates doubts about the legitimacy of advertising clicks and page rankings.

Although the importance of drawing website traffic can’t be questioned, it should be stressed that the quality of the website traffic deserves more attention than the numbers. If you do decide to buy traffic for your website, you have to choose a third party provider that can guarantee you targeted website traffic. Third party website traffic providers that can assure you of only legitimate visitors are your best options. You can expect a higher conversion rate when the website traffic sent your way is targeted. This makes it cost effective for you to buy website traffic, bringing the cost per visit rate lower owing to the higher revenues. There is, however, no guarantee that even targeted website traffic will actually result in actual purchases. Those who guarantee spikes in revenue are most likely to be online scammers baiting you with empty promises. I personally have bought many so called “Guaranteed Visitors” often to find out that the traffic was absolutely crap.

Another way by which you can buy website traffic is through advertising. Using Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View strategies, you can pay to have your advertising materials appear as banner ads, pop-up boxes, or email links in various websites and online marketing campaigns so that their audiences can be led to your website. This kind of website traffic generation will give you some control in choosing the kind of websites where you advertise. However, some of the websites might have some restrictions as to the kind of content and images that you can include in your advertising materials. PPC and PPV strategies could also be costly since you have to continue paying for your advertising space within your contract period even if they are ineffective. It would be advisable for you to go on a test run first before going on a full blast PPC or PPV campaign for some indication that your campaign would be effective in giving you additional website traffic.

To buy traffic for your website is not the only way for you to increase the number of visitors to your website. Spending some time to review your online marketing strategies would yield you more visitors and more revenues in the long run. Even if making more money is your motivation for doing business online, you have to think about other things that matter to your target market. By considering who your target market is, you are increasing your chances of getting more visitors and more revenues. This can help you put out more information and other content about how your products can actually benefit your visitors. You will be able to increase your sales figures simply because what you are offering is relevant and important to your audiences. Give your visitors an absolutely delightful experience both with your products and your website and you will be sure to have a loyal following to keep on converting into revenues time and again.

The decision on whether buying website traffic would be a practical and profitable one would depend on your own evaluation of your online business. Having a good grip on your product or service offering and the kind of target market that you need should guide you in making this decision. Ask yourself how badly you need to get your website traffic going. Are willing to pay for something that is not guaranteed to give your the returns you need? Invest some time in beefing up your website with high quality content, in searching for online venues where you can find more of your target market, and in coming up with offers and promotions. Your efforts are best made towards attracting more website traffic from your desired target market who will be more predisposed to purchase your products and services. The method i use to get traffic is Video Marketing and Blogging.

Blogging is like a personal online journal that renders the website interesting relevant and fresh. These are what Google and other search engines want because these invite comments, interactions and links. Bloggers hook up with one another and those who are in the same niche can help out each other by linking and joining discussions and forums. Never forget to leave behind links to your website. Using community toolbars can further boost web traffic because toolbar subscribers are easily encouraged to checkout your blogs when they are alerted.

Blogging allows anyone, even you, to share your knowledge with this world of information hungry consumers and to cash in on the experience. All you need is a blogging platform, a way to monetize, and an audience. The good news is that all of these things are ready and available to you. You do not need to be a good writer, you do not need to have a lot of time available, and you do not need to be a computer genius or even have any technological skills. All you need to bring to the table is the information you already know about your skill, your service, or your business and a little guidance.

In starting a blog and sharing your ideas, you will begin to build yourself a brand image that gives you credibility and gains exposure for yourself and/or your business that will eventually result in fame in your niche market. The most influential people in the social media and online marketing world right now, according to Forbes, are marketers. In time, you could be one too, it is just that easy.

The beauty of blogging is that you can do it from anywhere. No one will know that you are snuggled in bed with your laptop, sitting at your favorite coffee shop, or hanging out with the kids while they do their homework. So how can you get set-up with my own blog and start making money ASAP and get free website traffic?”

I’m glad you asked (it’s a smart question to ask right now).

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Video Marketing
Video Marketing is one of the hottest topics these days as it is a free tool that helps websites increase their traffic by circulating their video all over the internet. Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool or strategy in which businesses use videos to make their products and services visible to people. Because of the tremendous increase in Internet usage in the past couple of years, online video marketing now brings better exposure and more aggressive advertising than most traditional marketing methods.

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These free tactics are time-proven. These may not deliver success overnight or as fast as you want them to but with patience, the well-sought free website traffic will come. I personally use Video Marketing and Blogging as my main strategies, because these 2 are the most powerful in my own experience.

To your success

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