Talk Fusion is launching new Webinar Software – Video Conferencing and Live Broadcasting 2.0

Webinar Software is becoming more and more popular and Talk Fusion just announced Video Conferencing and Live Broadcasting 2.0

webinar software

It’s no secret that today’s businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, making the most of the resources they possess. In theory, video conferencing has always offered this promise. Webinar software has greatly reduced the need for travel when a video conference could take its place and its becoming more and more popular.  Back in the days Video Conferencing was very expensive and only large corporations have been using it. Thankfully, times have changed.

Quality Video Conferencing is now not only accessible for small businesses to large corporations — it can be attained for what most people pay for a visit to the movies.  This means that for a minimal investment, any business can benefit from a stable clear video picture, quality audio, an interactive conference call with 15 Live Video/Audio Feeds and unlimited viewers,  and even the ability to share multimedia presentations with ease.  The company I’m referring to also gives you many other products along with it such as Video Email, Live Broadcasting for Live Events, and Video Autoresponders, but we’re going to focus on the webinar software in this particular blog post.

Talk Fusion has been offering a Video Conferencing for a while now, but to be honest there have been a few features and functionalities missing in the current version. One of the things i have been missing is the ability to record a meeting with all its speakers. Up until now you can record a Talk Fusion video conference, but in the recording you are only able to hear the speakers audio and not the audio of attendees.

Another downside was that you could not share Powerpoint presentations or pdf files and that you have to use jpgs for your presentation. That’s not a big deal as you can easily export your Powerpoint presentation into jpgs with one click, but it’s still missing the animations.

In my opinion the reason why Talk Fusion Video Conferencing is so popular is the quality of the conference, the low price and the ability to have an unlimited number of guests.

Yesterday Talk Fusion announces it’s new Webinar Software / Video Conferencing 2.0

Webinar Software

Webinar Software

I personally am looking forward to the new version as i am a MAC User and the new version will be fully MAC compatible.

Webinar Software

How Good is the quality of Talk Fusion Video Conferencing Webinar Software?

Talk Fusion hosts over 20 webinars a day in different languages with thousands of people on each webinar.  For a sample of the quality, click HERE to see either a live event or a recorded version of the call quality.  Talk Fusion works with large corporations such as DHL, Applebee’s, Make a Wish Foundation, and has thousands of customers in over 150 Countries Worldwide. If you are looking for a webinar software i can highly recommend Talk Fusion. If you do have any question, feel free to contact me.

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