Video Marketing – How to Effectively Sell Using Video

Today we talk about Video Marketing  – How to Effectively Sell Using Video

Video Marketing

Businesses that are new to video marketing sometimes miss out on views and even lose prospective customers because they do not know how to use video marketing effectively. Without the right knowledge and training, you could be using a poorly worded script or not engaging viewers enough to convert them into customers. Here are a few tips to help you create better videos and increase sales using video marketing:

Be Brief

Internet videos should be short and to the point. Web video viewers are generally watching more than one video during their viewing time; so keep your video to no longer than 5 minutes to ensure that it is watched in its entirety. Longer videos that are engaging get many views as well, but they may be more challenging to make if you are new to video marketing.

Know When to Introduce Your Offer

Do not introduce your offer at the beginning of a video. Think about it this way: if someone were to walk right up to you and start pitching their product, you would probably walk away. Instead, focus on providing information and entertainment at the beginning portion of your video. Selling too soon could lead to viewers clicking away from your video and missing your marketing message entirely. Remember that viewers visit video sharing sites to be entertained and to get information, they are not there to be sold or marketed to.

Be Engaging

Engaging with your viewers virtually immediately draws them in and gets them interested. Ask questions. Encourage them to comment and interact with you in your videos. Consider which tone of voice you want to use as well when delivering your message. Using the appropriate music in each video can also help capture the attention of your audience. Don’t talk at your viewers, talk to your viewers. Remember to encourage them to comment at the end of each video.

Classic Video Marketing Script

There is a deceptively simple script you can use in each video to make sure you are getting your point across effectively and increase sales. The basic formula is to say what you’re going to say, say it, and review what you just said. Repetition is important. Use a friendly tone of voice when going through each section of your script so that you do not appear obvious, and remain engaging throughout each video. Incorporate subtitles into each video that also highlight the main points so that viewers can both read and listen to your message at the same time. You may consider using a Word document or teleprompter when recording videos so that you remember the main points of your message if it isn’t being captured on slides.

By following each of these tips you should be able to create effective, engaging videos for your business that will attract more viewers. Video marketing does take some practice, but after a few times you will get more and more comfortable with the process. Video is a wonderful medium because it can easily go viral and be incorporated into several social media sites, giving you more exposures and drawing more traffic to your website.

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