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I was fortunate today to learn the story of the man who sponsored me into NPN, and he said something about how he made a choice to have a better life because he couldn’t stand the thought of dying broke, angry, resentful and with regrets.

This brought back the memory of when I was 16. Yes, just a teenager. My Mom wanted to do a self-help seminar. It was two weekends and one day during the week in between the two weekends. My parents went through it before me. On the second morning, I woke up and told my mom I was hurting too bad to go. She tried to get me to go, but I started crying and she finally gave in. When my ride came to pick me up, my mom let her know I was in too much pain to go. About 30-45 minutes later the trainer called. I didn’t want to talk to him, but my mom handed me the phone. He told me to get dressed and get down there. I was crying telling him he doesn’t understand the pain I’m in. On the phone he asked me if I was going to be a baby my whole life and hide behind my disability or if I was going to take control of my life. Pretty harsh words for a 16 year old. But I wasn’t about to let him call me a baby. I was still crying, and I was angry at him, but I let him send the woman back who was giving me a ride so she could pick me up. At the end of that day, at 10:00 pm, we were all asked if we got it. I realized then that I got it. I got that my disability didn’t have to control me. I had the power to control the disability. That doesn’t mean I never have bad days. I do, but not much gets to me anymore. And I never use my disability as an excuse.

Stop using whatever it is that you use to not be all you can be in life! That doesn’t mean you’ll never have a bad day, but recognize it and move beyond it. Stop wallowing in the “poor me” syndrome! Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived! I always have someone to pull me through. Let me be the person to help you! YOU CAN DO IT! Join me today!

I was a state employee for almost 21 years when my doctor decided full-time employment was not for me anymore. But I am not a person to just sit around, so I am on her blogging each day about what I am learning and how I can help you. I am loving working for myself and enjoying life at the same time. I will lead you to success by taking your hand and showing you exactly what you need to do. My goal is to help is as many people as possible to live the dream and achieve success. So take my hand, and click the button so we can started together.

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