part 2..”What made me sign up to the Better Womens Network (BWN)?” – Initial Findings

Following on from my previous blog, please find below my initial findings….

What actually is the Better Womens Network?

The Better Womens Network is a group created to inspire women to run their own business, online, from the comfort of their own home.

A network of women working together to help each other achieve their goals of financial freedom.

The group was founded by Kirsty Sleep (an online marketing guru) in Australia and is now partnered with Karen Adams, Leanne Cane, Jacqueline Tribe & Joanna Rogers. Like Kirsty, all of these ladies are online & offline sales and marketing experts and they are all based in Australia with the exception of Joanna who lives in the UK. Current members however are based all over the globe and not just restricted to these countries – the beauty of the internet.

Who can join?

All women from anywhere in the world are illegible to join the group – however if you can relate to any of the below then the Better Womens Network is definitely the place for you:

  • A woman who wants to run their own business but doesn’t have a specific product to sell.
  • A woman who already has their own business but would like to learn how to market it online as well as earn an extra income via BWN.
  • A stay at home mum who wants to earn an income from home to work around family life.
  • A working mum who wants to earn an extra income which again fits around family life and her current day job.

What is the group’s Mission?

The Mission is to help 100,000 women from across the globe be successful online money makers.

How does it work & what is the actual business selling?

Once you join the group you are taught via an online training program how to start and grow your business. 

The business itself isn’t actually about selling a physical product. What you actually do as a member is promote the Network to other likeminded women and recruit them into the group. You are then rewarded via a monthly commission for each introduction you secure. And it’s the training from Kirsty Sleep & the other partners which teaches you how to market yourself in order to find these new recruits.

The program is made up of daily tasks which are sent to you via email, these daily tasks then teach you how to use social media tools such as Facebook and Blogging, plus many more to market the group. Membership includes access to Global NPN, which is an online suite of marketing tools. And its Global NPN who pay out the monthly commission on referrals. The best way to describe this is – every new BWN member automatically joins Global NPN and gets access to their great tools, Global NPN makes money from this new member, so they pay out a finder’s fee, which is an on-going monthly commission, not just a one off. (See my next blog for more details on Global NPN & member set up fees).

There is no need to panic if you are not very computer/technology savvy, the daily tasks are explained step by step and are often supported by a how to video. Each task is designed to take 15 minutes after you have read or watched all of the instructions, however if you want to spend more time on them then it’s your business, you are free to manage your time however you see fit.  If you struggle with any of the tasks then this is where the support of the Network really comes into its own.

  • For a start you will always have your sponsor (this is the person who introduced you to the network) to seek help from.
  • Then you have the rest of the members who you can contact via a special dedicated group page on Facebook, or as you get to know other members via this group you may decide to private message someone specific.   
  • You also have the direct support of Kirsty Sleep and all of the partners; they are a great team and make themselves available for any questions or queries.

 I hope the above all makes sense, look out for my next blog covering these final topics:-

  • What is Global NPN?
  • What are the set up fees?
  • What commissions can be earned & how is the scheme different to pyramid selling?
  • What on-going support will be received  & how does re-investing commissions earned work?

Again I hope you find the time to come back and visit my final blog in this series. However if you can’t wait feel free to message me on facebook or click on the image below.


So who am I??? I’m a Sales Operations Administrator for a company I have been with for 14 years. I’m someones wife, daughter, sister/sister in law and Aunty. At home I am a cook & cleaner, BUT most importantly I am chief bottle washer to my two beautiful children. In essence, I, like many hundreds of thousands of women across the globe am a WORKING MUM, striving to make the future for my kids the best it can be. Going back to work after having my daughter is going to financially be a challenge and that is why I have joined the Better Womens Network. The Better Womens Network is a group of empowered women working to recruit more Women to join them in making money online. If you want to join us and be part of this amazing team, working from home, with the support of other likeminded ladies, then please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
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  • Great Carolyn!

  • Great Carolyn!

  • Luba Kanch

    Great blog Carolyn – its great to read peoples journeys and you sure have landed into a gold mine with Better Women’s Network. Best organization I have ever come across! Genuine support is hard to come by.

    best wishes,