What made me sign up to the Better Womens Network (BWN)?

Since joining the Better Womens Network my eyes have been opened to a world I didn’t even know existed.

I could spend all day on the internet looking at the other ladies blogs, facebook pages and business websites, getting inspiration and feeling more empowered to succeed with every post I read. Of course as a busy mum I don’t have time to be on the net all day but even just reading a couple gives me a lift and a feeling of positivity.

So joining the Network so far for me has been a very good experience but it got me thinking….What information was it that got me through the door in the first place to join and what questions did I need answering? As believe me I didn’t join on a whim.

I suppose you could say I am quite a sceptical person and I would never enter into anything unless I had all the facts and figures in front of me. So, knowing this about me now, you can imagine that I did a fair amount of research before I even considered joining. And part of this research was to ask my sponsor lots of questions and I even had a home visit from one of  the partners, Joanna Rogers, before I signed up.

Thinking back to all of those questions and answers, I thought it might be nice to start a string of blogs jotting down my findings in my own words.

So coming up over the next few days I will cover the following topics….

  • What actually is the Better Womens Network?
  • Who can join?
  • What is the group’s Mission?
  • How does it work & what is the actual business selling?
  • What is Global NPN?
  • What are the set up fees?
  • What commissions can be earned & how is the scheme different to pyramid selling?
  • What on-going support will be received  & how does re-investing commissions earned work?

I hope you find the time to come back and visit my upcoming blogs soon to read more about this great group for Women. However if you can’t wait feel free to message me on facebook or click on the image below.


So who am I??? I’m a Sales Operations Administrator for a company I have been with for 14 years. I’m someones wife, daughter, sister/sister in law and Aunty. At home I am a cook & cleaner, BUT most importantly I am chief bottle washer to my two beautiful children. In essence, I, like many hundreds of thousands of women across the globe am a WORKING MUM, striving to make the future for my kids the best it can be. Going back to work after having my daughter is going to financially be a challenge and that is why I have joined the Better Womens Network. The Better Womens Network is a group of empowered women working to recruit more Women to join them in making money online. If you want to join us and be part of this amazing team, working from home, with the support of other likeminded ladies, then please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
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  • Fantastic Carolyn. I’m looking forward to you next blog posts 🙂

  • Luba Kanch

     Thanks for sharing Carolyn – its great to know what’s upcoming in your post! Looking forward to the read :O)

  • Hi Carolyn, look forward to reading the answers to those questions, I am sure many women will find them very helpful.

  • folksey

    Great Blog Carolyn. This is just what people need to read who are making the decision to join or nat. They want facts. I look forward to your next blogs.