Returning to work following maternity leave!

It only seems like yesterday that I left the office for the last time before having my daughter – I can’t believe 9 months have past and in just under 2 months I’ll be walking back through those reception doors and up to my desk on the first floor.

I am a little nervous about returning, mainly due to the business going through many changes since I left and because technology has moved on so much, even in less than a year. But the biggest anxiety has got to be how my husband and I will survive financially, as we also have a little boy who is 3 and we will therefore be paying out for two lots of nursery fees.

This is where the Better Womens Network comes in!

A friend of mine, who joined the group a couple of months ago, recommended them to me and I am very excited about the opportunity to earn an extra income, from the comfort of my own home and around family life. I am determined to make a success of this new venture and I am very focused on making the next couple of months, before returning to my day job, really count. Not only do I intend to be making some good money but I am also keen to learn as much as I can about online marketing, and the skills I learn from the Better Womens Network can then be transfered back to my day job. And who knows if things really kick off ,which of course I hope they do, maybe being part of the Better Womens Network will become my day job one day.

The great thing I have found about the Network so far is the support you get from all the other ladies – looking through their blogs/profiles and Facebook updates has really inspired me and I am already proud to be a part of the team. I feel very empowered but am under no illusion that success will be handed to me on a plate, as long as I put the effort in, the benefits will soon follow, but the key being I don’t have to spend hours and hours a day, a little time and effort will go along way. AND the biggest beauty is, as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection I can even put the hours in, before the rest of the house gets up!

Thanks for reading my first ever blog – if you are interested in finding out more about the Better Womens Network or would like to join, please click on the banner below.



So who am I??? I’m a Sales Operations Administrator for a company I have been with for 14 years. I’m someones wife, daughter, sister/sister in law and Aunty. At home I am a cook & cleaner, BUT most importantly I am chief bottle washer to my two beautiful children. In essence, I, like many hundreds of thousands of women across the globe am a WORKING MUM, striving to make the future for my kids the best it can be. Going back to work after having my daughter is going to financially be a challenge and that is why I have joined the Better Womens Network. The Better Womens Network is a group of empowered women working to recruit more Women to join them in making money online. If you want to join us and be part of this amazing team, working from home, with the support of other likeminded ladies, then please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
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  • Great Blog Carolyn 🙂 I was in your shoes too just before I started with the Better Women’s Network. It has been an exciting ‘life changing’ experience. It’s so much Fun too 🙂

    • Thanks Melanie, its 1am in the UK at the moment and the fact I am up this late (or should I say early) shows my determination to make this work for me & my family. I have to say Melanie I have been following your blogs for a couple of days now and found them very inspiring, I shall make sure I like and comment on them going forward, now that I am becoming more confident.

  • Hey Carolyn, nice first post! Your mindset is on the right place. Keep on going and all the best to you.