Like-Minded Friends

When I got into Solavei and started marketing online, I kept being told that it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. I always knew it was important, but I never knew it was crucial. Tonight I found out how crucial it is to have like-minded friends

I am here to tell you that marketing anything takes time. But if you’re going to work at it and build your list and take the time to do it right, you need like-minded friends beside you. You need people who will believe in you and keep your spirits high when times get tough because with any business the beginning can be a bit rough. But it’s worth it. I just keep thinking about all those people I want to help. All those people that I can reach out to and teach them how to be more, that they deserve more, that they have value. That giving up isn’t an option.

I know that when you have disability there can be other considerations. I know because I have a disability. I use a motorized wheelchair. But I refuse to let the things that happen in my life get the best of me. People have always asked me how I do it. How do I pick myself up so quickly when I get down? How is it that things seem to work out regardless of how bad it may look? Tonight I finally have put the pieces together to provide an answer. Because my parents raised me to stay determined and positive, but also because I have always surrounded myself with like-minded people. Those are the people that will help you problem solve and keep you lifted up. That’s why this business isn’t just about the money, but about the friendships you develop. Sure it’s great when people join my business, but it’s great because those people are in your life. And if you do it right and build a foundation first before they join your business, those people will be with you for life.

So, please, if you’re reading this and you’re on Facebook, send me a friend request. Let’s get to know each other and then we can talk about Solavei along the way to becoming close friends. If you want to look at Solavei and email me there because you’re not on Facebook, feel free to do that to at You can also email me directly at Let’s be friends and go from there! I will talk to you soon!

I was a state employee for almost 21 years when my doctor decided full-time employment was not for me anymore. But I am not a person to just sit around, so I am on her blogging each day about what I am learning and how I can help you. I am loving working for myself and enjoying life at the same time. I will lead you to success by taking your hand and showing you exactly what you need to do. My goal is to help is as many people as possible to live the dream and achieve success. So take my hand, and click the button so we can started together.

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