How To Rein In Your Biggest Competitor (in online sales)

 As an online sales person does their success frustrate you ?

Is it someone in your own company, your own down line.?

Is it another online sales person with similar products.?


You will never soar like the eagle if you don’t handle these things right


Might sound strange, but in a lot of cases

 The biggest competitor you have is you.

With impatience,

If you are not earning money in a month it obviously doesn’t work

With the self doubt,

Yes i can see it works for you but gee i don’t see how i could do that

Blaming others for a lack of success,

My sponsor won’t help me i don’t know what to do

Or worse blaming the company.

Yes there are competitors out there and  it’s true that some are successful.

But you could look upon things differently, if you only thought about it.

So if a person in your business group is getting more sales 

What are they doing different, could you use that in your online sales business.

there must be something they are doing different.

Are they working harder, smarter, do they put more time in, what does their sales funnel look like, where are they advertising. are they having more people opt into their list.


It’s all how you look at it, instead of being frustrated or jealous of your competitor watch them see what you can learn.

It really comes down to a lack of confidence, self doubt is a crippling  thing.

However when you think about it.

Is it true is this other person smarter than you, that’s not usually the case

Do you think they are just lucky and your not.

The old saying that “the harder I work the luckier I get “ is so very true.

I have mentioned before about Lady GaGa and what she said at the Oscars.

 “ I want you to know this is hard work, and I have worked hard for a long time, and it’s not about winning it’s about not giving up” 

So true

You know if one person makes  a success out of the same type of business then so can you.

Just do what they do.

However it must be consistent and you must stick to it not just when you feel like it but every day regardless of how you feel.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

But it does have to be done.

Talking of success and getting it done.

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