Thoughts Are Things

Today was definitely a day that challenged my belief system. For a few hours I felt very overwhelmed and even cried for quite a while. But in the end, I came back to the belief that everything really does happen for a reason. This will only make me stronger and more determined to continue taking massive action so that I can live the life I dream about. A life that allows me to pay my caregiver her worth for as many hours as I feel I need, to travel when I want, have the house of my dreams and live completely debt free.

So how did I pull myself out of the abyss I was in? Through friends who helped me realize that it will all work out however it is suppose to work out. Through my caregiver who said we will figure things out. And through me remembering what my mom taught me for so many years: Thoughts are things.

Life can definitely throw you some challenges. It’s how you deal with those challenges that determines what will happen next. I choose that my next step is to make massive action and make my dreams become my reality!

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.”

Dale Carnegie
1888-1955, Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

I refuse to let circumstances change my course! Are you letting things in life determine what your life is and will be? If you are ready to change your life, to find true happiness, to finally make your dreams come true and to allow me the honor to help you do that, click on the link to the right and join my team!

I was a state employee for almost 21 years when my doctor decided full-time employment was not for me anymore. But I am not a person to just sit around, so I am on her blogging each day about what I am learning and how I can help you. I am loving working for myself and enjoying life at the same time. I will lead you to success by taking your hand and showing you exactly what you need to do. My goal is to help is as many people as possible to live the dream and achieve success. So take my hand, and click the button so we can started together.

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